Monday, December 8, 2008


The first inalienable right which was deemed "self-evident" from the founding fathers was LIFE. The idea takes precedent in the conservative fight via the abortion issue. The fight over abortion hinges on LIFE and when it begins. I would also be as bold as to say that you can either believe life begins at one of either two times. (Well you can believe however but any other belief would be illogical)

1: Conception

2: When a baby takes it first breath.

Here is why

An attempt at saying life begins at the end of the first Trimester would imply that there is a "change" in a child from the last second of the first trimester to the first second of the second trimester. This just doesn't make sense as well as any other attempt to say there is a specific TIME period when a fetus becomes life.

An attempt at saying life begins at the development of a heart (or any organ) would imply that life begins at different times for every person. Development does not happen at the same time for every person so it would be possible for one fetus to be "older" than another but not yet "life." Which agains seems senseless.

So after viewing these ideas then it would seem to me that one could logically take the stance that life begins @ conception or at the first breath of a child, when the fetus becomes self-sustaining.

Now here is why the self sustaining argument (although maybe logical) is wrong.

First- The majority of all Americans (even many abortion supporters) believe that Partial birth abortion is wrong, however these take place before the child has taken it's first breath. If its not yet life then there should be no problem.

Second- There is no difference between a fetus at it's last moments inside the womb vs the first few outside. The only changes is the environment which it is in, not it's capabilities.

and here is why the conception argument is correct.

First- Every person that is alive can be traced back to conception.

Second- Since there is no third state of "existence" that I am aware of--you would have to say a fetus after conception is dead if its not alive. I would then ask--Does it grow, because it would be the first growing dead thing ever.


Many liberals would say that I am a bigot or sexist for not being Pro-Choice. ("Pro-choice" welcome to the biggest curve ball coming out of the left these days.) See if you or I are not pro-choice we must be anti-choice right? THIS IS ABSURD!!! I am for everyone's right to choose, just not when it comes to effecting the rights of another LIFE. I am for the choice that says if anyone does not want to create life then they must make the neccessary CHOICES not to do so. So I am for choices; however, I am not for denying Life to anyone. Life being an inalienable right that is self evident to everyone except those who are pro-choice.

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