Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Say it aint so Joe!

Joe Biden promised us a test, and due to the recent events in Mumbai, India we believe it is coming. Many different types of opinions are drawn off this idea. Some say-It will not happen, others say-What will the government do?

In this argument lies the reason why I love those who considered themselves Anti-Federalist. Mainly because they took a look at the Constitution and said this document does not explain what we CAN do. Ultimately paving the way for the bill of rights.

One may ask-how can you make this assessment? When the Bill of Rights was written no one was considering this form of terrorism. I would agree and that's why I love it. See--the people who fathered the Bill of Rights understood that Free people need to be able to own weapons to defend themselves. The type of attack was immaterial. That's why I can assure you that when (God please forbid) this attack happens in the USA it will be in a place where people are not allowed to defend themselves i.e. school, hospital, area with strict gun laws such as Washington D.C.

I, being a resident South Carolinian, have little fear considering the state just ran a sales tax free weekend on firearms. Here in lies the beauty--We are ALL ARMED. If terrorist show up in Greer South Carolina tomorrow there will be a bunch of country boys figuring out how to mount their dead trophies on the wall because very simply we shoot back.

I do however fear for those who live in areas where they can not fight back. Those people who support these types of laws do not understand American History.

Did you know......

In the United States, the first organized police service was established in Boston in 1838, New York in 1844, and Philadelphia in 1854.

This time period is over 60 years after Independence, so how did the people defend themselves against the bad guys, or was this the only time in history there were no bad guys. Let me say--I do not believe in vigilante justice, there is no need for vigilantism is today society. But I also understand what was meant by Robert A Heinlein when he stated an armed society is a polite society.

See, I look at it like this.....

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

And believe it or not--our enemies (the bad guys) understand where they can get away with these atrocities and where they cant. Why do you think--the so called crazy ones never run and start shooting up a police station, or a gun store--it always a school. My answer is simple they're not crazy enough.

And for those of you who believe these attacks are not planned in the paths of least resistance read this exerpt from an AP article about the attacks.

In the first wave of the attacks, two young gunmen armed with assault rifles blithely ignored more than 60 police officers patrolling the city's main train station and sprayed bullets into the crowd.

Bapu Thombre, assistant commissioner with the Mumbai railway police, said the police were armed mainly with batons or World War I-era rifles and spread out across the station.
"They are not trained to respond to major attacks," he said.

The gunmen continued their rampage outside the station. They eventually ambushed a police van, killed five officers inside — including the city's counter terrorism chief — and hijacked the vehicle as two wounded officers lay bleeding in the back seat.

"The way Mumbai police handled the situation, they were not combat ready," said Jimmy Katrak, a security consultant. "You don't need the Indian army to neutralize eight to nine people."

Constable Arun Jadhav, one of the wounded policemen, said the men laughed when they noticed the dead officers wore bulletproof vests.

With no SWAT team in this city of 18 million, authorities called in the only unit in the country trained to deal with such crises. But the National Security Guards, which largely devotes its resources to protecting top officials, is based outside of New Delhi and it took the commandos nearly 10 hours to reach the scene.

That gave the gunmen time to consolidate control over two luxury hotels and a Jewish center, said Sahni.

As the siege at dragged on, local police improperly strapped on ill-fitting bulletproof vests. Few had two-way radios to communicate.

Even the commandos lacked the proper equipment, including night vision goggles and thermal sensors that would have allowed them to locate the hostages and gunmen inside the buildings, Sahni said.

Security forces announced they had killed four gunmen and ended the siege at the mammoth Taj Mahal hotel on Thursday night, only to have fighting erupt there again the next day. Only on Saturday morning did they actually kill the last remaining gunmen.


Biased Girl said...

I am a big believer in the 2nd Amendment and a Proud member of the NRA. As my husband always says, there would be less crime if Citizens were required to own a Gun.

RightKlik said...

Great post.