Friday, November 7, 2008

And the Cries for Reform Continue

After a smashing defeat--Where does the GOP go from here? I thought you would never ask. First of all (being an old football guy) when you lose big sometimes it easier pointing at what you done well. However, its hard in this circumstance. Circles were ran around the GOP in the presidential race.

Lets approach this through answering a couple of key questions.

1-What were the key issues in the eyes of the voter?
According to Fox News-60% of voters deemed the economy as the most important issue. If you are surprised about this you should consider moving off the planet because you are stealing someones good oxygen.

2- Where was the focus of the Republicans?
The Republicans seemed to have there mind wrapped around the old adage- the best defense is a good offense because stay on the offensive they did. Sometimes I felt like the reason I should vote for McCain was "HE IS NOT OBAMA"

Maybe you can see where I am headed with this one, If you can't--let me lay it out for you. Six out of Ten Americans are focusing on the economy, and the best answer they can get from the McCain campaign is "I am not the other guy."

How is this for an eye-opener.....Obama ran as a tax-cutter-Does that message sound familiar to anyone. Can it be possible that the Democrats stole the playbook and decided to use the good plays?

Well if I was responsible for heading up the GOP my message would sound something like this....Guys and Gals its time we watered our roots. We must focus our ideas to relate to those who are voting. If we continue to use the "liar liar pants on fire" or "me cause im not him" defense--our message may not catch on. Lets get back to the basics here. Lets focus on morality in the government, lets explain that you CANT cut taxes with cutting spending, lets lay out a plan to cut spending, AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE---LETS KNOW WHAT NEWSPAPERS WE READ.

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