Monday, November 17, 2008

Church League Softball

Wow!! I just watched some of the interview that made Prime time last night with President Barrack Obama. I felt like I was watching a church league softball game. it is amazing that with all that is going on--top priority--or at least what I saw...closing Guantanamo Bay. Yeah that will help the economy.


When asked about the economy President elect Obama says... I mean the way we need to look at it is it could have been worse(paraphrase). Was i the only one listening when he was saying this economy now is the greatest financial crisis since the great depression. Seems like now that he has got the job the tides are turning. Then i get to spend the rest of my night listening to the future First Lady interrupt the future President talking about how the kids reacted when they went back to school, and holes in cars when they were dating.

I got a headline for the New York Times---NO ONE CARES--MY 401k HAS A HOLE IN IT!!!

I definitely do not want to sit and "judge" presidency before it starts but "how bout" throwing me a softball here and talk about what we are going to do to unfreeze the credit market, increase stability in the market, and helping the average American with their fear of spending, not what type of dog you are going to get from the pound.

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The Collins Family said...

crazy pills keep food on my's all fun and games til you start implying that there's something wrong with people taking crazy pills ;)
I'm enjoying your perspectives here...ready for some mommy readers yet?