Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Reasons Obama Won

Ladies and Gents--I hope you realize the amazing campaign that was ran by Barrack Obama. A "Hoop La" of smoke and mirrors won the man the greatest seat in the entire world-The Presidency of the United States of America. How did this happen? I thought you would never ask. It all started and ended with the Obama camp understanding that there best quality was the fact that the were in no way related to the Bush Adminstration. I am really amazed that it took three debates for McCain to say "I AM NOT PRESIDENT BUSH." This was the pin point of the Obama campaign. You may have hear it phrased this way--We need Change that you can believe in! When really thier message was--If you dont like Bush Vote for us!

Moving on, the Obama camp never made that critical mistake, and they never blinked at the mistakes that were made. The biggest mistake the entire campaign was Obama saying to Joe the plumber "when you spread the wealth around." Obama at a later campaign laughed and said "I dont know any plumbers making 250k." Never blinked at the term socialism--just discredited the source and marched forward.

And Finally (bear with me cause this idea is pretty original) the downfall of the public education system helped Obama claim the presidency. Exit polls show that most American sided with the Obama campaign due to the economy. Clays insanity believes in areas that people are not educated they seem to lean toward emotion. Follow me through this- If you understand how any budget works and its application the you would tend to ask--How is it possible to cut taxes without cutting spending? Even the people who asked this question believed the rhetoric of "i am going to go through the budget line by line with a scapel" Boy that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, doesnt answer the question-- but does make you feel good. If Obama supporters could have understood the unintended consequences on the economy when you spend more than you take in then the outcome would have been different. But instead, all they needed was this idea of change.

Godspeed to the new President elect- he is gonna need it

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