Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The End of Racism

Well folks it just hit me. Racism as we know it--and i am talking about the good old fashion racism like Jesse Jackson preaches about--is finished. Here is why.....Obama's message to the African American community has been that which many people have been preaching for years now. Stop making excuses-Pull up your pants-Take care of your children-and get a job. For many years white Americans were scared to say anything like this because they would have been labeled a racist. Now, This is the President's message- not the President of just one group but of all Americans. So i believe and support Obama's message as he is now MY PRESIDENT.

I hope that the African American community gets on board with President elect Obama and not Jesse Jackson (who said he wanted to cut Obama's nuts off).

See the brilliance behind Obama's stance on this issue is the STOP MAKING EXCUSES line. This is where he and Jesse disagree. Jesse Jackson holds these excuses as valid, Obama does not. A big thank you to President Obama for ending Racism as we KNEW it.

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The Collins Family said...

Hey Clay! Let me know when you get settled in and ready to go...I'll send some mommy bloggers with strong political convictions your way :)