Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Reasons why McCain Lost

Why did McCain lose? I thought you would never ask. The major reason is because McCain is a republican. The "folks" are so entwined in there hatred for ol' W that McCain could never shake the fact that he and President Bush are in the same political party. Another BIG reason is his handling of the financial crisis. First of all, it should go without saying that any republican faced with the financial situation would have had an incredibly difficult time overcoming the initial "All republicans are Controlled by President Bush" belief that seemed to be held by every member of the opposition, however it is my belief that McCain could have turned this crisis into votes if he would have just sided with the people. People were extremely upset--strike that from the record--they were ticked off. If McCain would have shown this same fervor, he could have at least negated the negative impact if not swung a few votes. However, his camp decided to politicize the entire ordeal and it backfired in his face. He should have been seen shouting on the floor like so many Americans were doing in their living rooms. He should have also never voted for the "financial welfare" package. I am not sure how this would have played out but i feel like the folks could have gotten behind denying a handout to those who were pocketing their 401ks. And lastly, The reason McCain lost is because he was running against Barrack Obama. I think Obama will be listed in history as one of the best campaigners in history. I talk about this a little more when I talk about the reasons Obama won.

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree. The Republicans were at a clear disadvantage from the beginning by the sheer number of popular candidates who wanted the nomination. Plus, the one person who advocated truly organic conservative views (in the sense that conservatism means keeping the government out of your wallet and home), Ron Paul, was ignored by the party.