Monday, November 17, 2008

Capitialism under Fire

What am I missing? A constant feeling here of late with the election and the economy. I beg someone to respond to me and let me know.

This whole bailout discussion that is up on the hill has got me scratching my head. Are these people considering bailing out an industry that has bankrupted itself? Am I crazy or does that make about as much sense as putting the fat kid in charge of rationing out the snacks before the kids head out to recess. Now i don't mean to be blunt but, chances are Chubbs is going to line his pocket with little debbie's meanwhile the rest of the kids in the class are only getting one swiss cake roll. Have these people not given us proof that they cant handle the money simply by the fact that they have lost all theirs. Maybe I am missing the boat but i don't think the answer is throwing money at the problem.

So whats the answer? I thought you would never ask. Very simple............LET THEM FAIL.

Now i do understand the consequences of this action. My question to you would be does anybody understand the unintended consequences of the bailout. Are we willing to deal with the further expansion of government. The slippery slope of when and where we stop handing out this money applies here. Who is going to be next needing a bailout. How long before we start bailing out individuals?

The more we allow the government to make these decisions the further we get away for Capitalism. Ill leave you with this quote:

My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.
-Karl Marx

Think about it.


RightKlik said...

If today's democrats had been in charge back in the day, they would have been bailing out the horse and buggy industry. And we might still be traveling at 5mph. Progressives aren't really interested in progress are they?
Thanks for visiting my site.

The Collins Family said...

I'm just saying...this is hilarious!