Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fear Fear and More Fear

A little background--I work in a major home improvement retailer, and as I was walking through handling some of my daily tasks, I was approached by a gentleman who needed help. He asked me where an item was located and I walked him to the product. As he said thanks--I noticed he was wearing a Veterans hat related to the Vietnam war, so I thanked the gentleman for his service to our Country. He looked back at me as he was shaking my hand and said very simply "It was a pleasure to serve"

Recently I have heard and seen fear drive many peoples thoughts. I have also seen my thoughts head down this path. This leads me to the question--What is there to fear? This country has seen 43 Presidents come and go and survived them all. Also if you will follow my "Law of idiots" which is to say--4 out of every 10 people that you meet is inherently stupid--then this means that 17.2 of the Presidents fall into the stupid category. So afraid we should not be--concerned, maybe--but stop with the fear already. Most of us Americans come from a background who refuses to back down--we just lock and load. Our country has stood on these principles since its conception and this makes me PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

To know that this country was built on Americans like previously mentioned who don't say "your welcome" they say "my pleasure" means something to me that I cant quite put my finger on.

In trying to figure out why I was intrigued at this Gentleman's response I came to this conclusion:

He didn't serve to be recognized on Veterans Day...He didn't serve for me...I am quite certain that he didn't serve even for freedom...He served because there are days that tough questions have to be answered by tough people. And to serve the greater good is honorable, and having honor is where he finds "HIS PLEASURE"

A big thanks to all Veterans on this Veteran's Days

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Anonymous said...

Oh Clay. Insightful as always. Although I loathe Fox News and wish Hillary would've won, I am happy to see a Republican with some grasp on reality other than chain emails deeming Obama the antichrist. As soon as Republicans stop making the personal lives of the public their business and trying to enforce religious beliefs on the country, then they will win. Until then, deal with the antichrist.

Your cynical liberal friend,