Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Watch your step--Because I bash back too!!!

How many times are we going to let incidents like these happen before we say-THAT'S IT!!!! Last night while watching the Oreilly factor a video was shown of several homosexuals invading a church with rants of--ITS OK TO BE GAY. After doing a little research I see that a group known as BASH BACK seems to be taking credit for this atrocity. Now, here is where i draw the line.

Criminal acts should be punished. My question--where are the groups like the ACLU rushing to defend the this violation of liberty. Our country was founded on religious freedom. It is time that the church stood up and claimed that right as so many secular progressives.

The funny thing about this movement is these people (Bash Back) storm into a church and begin to scream and interrupt a service under the name of acceptance and tolerance. Also a strange irony here is if anyone from the crowd would have fought to defend their right to worship, I would "bet the bank" the ACLU would have shown up in flying colors and everyone would have been talking about hate crimes. This incident reminds me of the terrorist William Ayers and his anti-war stance--so what does he do?--he goes and blows up buildings. Seems a little "oxymoronish" if you will.

The ridiculousness of this secular progressive agenda is really starting to be seen. So let me spell it out for you. Hmmmmmm........Everyone has the right to live there life however they please..... unless of course you disagree with this stance......Then you have no rights. Yep that's it....your cool to have your on opinion as long as it is the same as ours, if it differs then you no longer cool.

Well here it is very simply--I bash back too!!!Leave a comment if you do as well!!!

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